I've relied on high-priced cables from well-known brands in the past and didn't think I could do much better at a fair price until I discovered Van Damme. Van Damme cables have elevated my recording and mastering chain, enabling us to create music that sounds incredible. And on top of this, the customer service provided is professional and flexible enough to allow specific requests, which is very important to us as a busy recording studio.
Bizzy Mo
Bizzy Studio’s
We specialise in hip hop and urban pop and our customers expect quality at the highest level. I came to know and love Van Damme cables on many of the studio installations I have managed in the past. So it was easy to decide which cables to use for this rebuild. They’re absolutely reliable, the highest quality and have great handling!"
Thomas Merth
CEO, Atrax Studios
We recommended Van Damme Cables for JYP’s studios because we knew they would work, especially as we have a lot of artists with different music genres recording here. K-pop involves a lot of vocal recording, so Van Damme cables are a good choice since they are stable and carry all signals without any distortion.
Taewon Seo

1U Hexadec XLR plate


Product options

Part No. (SKU) Description Unit width Stock count
561-102-000 1 space blank plate 1 0
561-104-000 2 space blank plate 2 0
561-106-000 3 space blank plate 3 44
561-108-000 4 space blank plate 4 76
561-110-000 5 space blank plate 5 16
561-116-000 XLR plate 1 0
561-120-000 Midi plate 1 82
561-132-009 9 way d-sub plate horizontal 2 52
561-134-009 9 way D sub plate vertical 1 23
561-138-025 25 way D sub plate 2 10
561-140-037 37 way D sub plate 3 14
561-142-050 50 way D sub plate 3 20
561-144-020 20 way EDAC plate 2 27
561-146-038 38 way EDAC plate 3 4
561-148-056 56 way EDAC plate 3 0
561-801-000 90 way EDAC plate 3 0
561-152-000 IEC inlet plate 2 4
561-154-000 IEC outlet plate 2 13
561-100-000 1U Frame n/a 8
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Product Information
  • Unit width 1
  • Total unit widths must add up to 16 to fully populate the Hexadec frame
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