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SINCE 1987
VDC was started in October 1987 by Niall Holden and (the late) Marcus DeFigueiredo, and over three decades later the company and the Van Damme brand is internationally renowned, not only for the provision of the highest quality audio and AV/IT live sound cable builds and installs, but also for bespoke solutions for complex cabling problems.
Eurofighter Typhoon
Eurofighter Typhoon
Ferrari 275GTB
Ministry of Sound
Red Bull Budapest Air Race
Olympic Park
Today VDC and Van Damme products can be found in a huge variety of applications, from hotels to homes, stadiums to cathedrals, automobiles to superyachts, fighter jets and beyond. But it has always been the ‘band on tour’ and the recording studio together that have determined the famous VDC and Van Damme quality control. The rough-and-tumble of band stage set-up and the take-down & get out, coupled with the discerning ears of the obsessive sound engineer, combine to anchor three fundamental cornerstones of VDC’s business: sound quality, reliability and value for money.
“Right from the very beginning we have been obsessed by quality”, explains Niall, who has owned all of VDC since partner Marcus emigrated to Canada in 1994. “We started the business together as a bit of fun when we in our mid-twenties. Marcus was a bass player and I played guitar and we were both great music enthusiasts. Together we had a vision for a music equipment supply company in London as I had a few contacts from working in guitar shops. So, we borrowed five Grand from the bank, took a ‘planning holiday’ in Greece, bought a couple of cars and with the £128 we had left, we got down to serious business.”
In over 200 shows, with 56 lines running every night, in over 60 freight moves to more than 30 countries on every continent on the planet, and with the best part of 200 ins and 200 outs, including at least 90 festivals, we didn’t lose one line.

Not one mic cable, one XLR, one multipin line. Nothing broke.

It’s nothing short of astonishing.
Ian Nelson
Director at LEE Engineering and Placebo FOH engineer
Abbey Road Studios
Reading and Leeds Festivals
Royal Festival Hall
The Stone Roses - John Squire
The Foo Fighters
Iron Maiden
Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox
From their first equipment sale of 38 microphone stands to Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox’s Church Studios in Crouch End came some fantastic contacts and overwhelming enquiries. The studio market was a particular focus, including the famous Abbey Road Studios, who like so many others, have come to rely on VDC’s products.
Fortunes were boosted in 1997 by the purchase of VDC’s home and factory in Tufnell Park. The near derelict deserted space was done up and has since proved central to VDC’s ability to make and deliver from stock right in the heart of London.

The portfolio and diversity of product expands constantly as technology evolves and as demand from Europe, Russia and the Middle East, to say nothing of the UK, continues unabated. With VDC’s largest client accounting for just 4% of VDC’s annual turnover, having the right variety and array of components and cable to hand together with a diverse technical and manufacturing ability is critical.

The nature of cabling and where it fits in the touring, broadcast or install ‘food-chain’ can often leave it forgotten as the sexier kit gets all the initial attention. Consequently, the deadlines we are given can sometimes feel impossible, but we hate to say ‘no’ and are geared for a rapid response, supported by huge stock holdings, so hopefully every customer hears a ‘yes’.
a dedicated, long-established team
Last but not least, VDC benefits from a long-time dedicated team, so all the skills exist on site to solve all manner of complicated problems with speed and efficiency. It also underpins VDC’s broader proactive approach to problem solving. The company can make complex bespoke solutions to a definitive quality at speed. Just as VDC has been doing for over 30 years.
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