I've relied on high-priced cables from well-known brands in the past and didn't think I could do much better at a fair price until I discovered Van Damme. Van Damme cables have elevated my recording and mastering chain, enabling us to create music that sounds incredible. And on top of this, the customer service provided is professional and flexible enough to allow specific requests, which is very important to us as a busy recording studio.
Bizzy Mo
Bizzy Studio’s
We specialise in hip hop and urban pop and our customers expect quality at the highest level. I came to know and love Van Damme cables on many of the studio installations I have managed in the past. So it was easy to decide which cables to use for this rebuild. They’re absolutely reliable, the highest quality and have great handling!"
Thomas Merth
CEO, Atrax Studios
We recommended Van Damme Cables for JYP’s studios because we knew they would work, especially as we have a lot of artists with different music genres recording here. K-pop involves a lot of vocal recording, so Van Damme cables are a good choice since they are stable and carry all signals without any distortion.
Taewon Seo

Neutrik rear twist NBNC75BUU11 BNC cable male for HD Vision multicores


Product options

Part No. (SKU) Neutrik code Cable type Stock count
301-661-243 NBNC75BRS9 Canare V(3-5)-5C 181
301-660-241 NBNC75BDD6 Belden 1855A 300
301-656-241 NBNC75BWS11 Canare V(3-5)-5CFB, Cordial CVI10-48 HD-FRNC 72
301-641-000 NBTC75BNN5 Van Damme HD Vision mini coax 156
301-648-237 NBTC75BLI4 Van Damme mini coax 84
301-650-238 NBNC75BFG7 Van Damme SD Vision 7
301-657-241 NBNC75BUU11 Van Damme HD Vision 278-175-000 & multis 256
301-659-241 NBNC75BTU11 Belden 1694A 251
301-661-241 NBNC75BLP9 Belden 1505A 527
311-800-014 NBNC75BJP9 Belden 1505F/Van Damme 268-275-000 667
301-639-000 NBNC75BRU11 Belden 1694F/Van Damme 268-175-000 96
301-643-000 NBLC75BVZ17 Belden 7731A/Van Damme 278-475-000 432
301-638-232 NBNC75BLP7 RG59/Van Damme std. coax 362
Stock count: 256
Product Information
  • True 75 Ohm design rated to 3GHz
  • Rear twist type locks and unlocks by rotating the whole connector - very robust
  • Supplied with a black boot
  • Resistor colour coded strain relief boots available
  • Machined brass body, gold-cobalt plated centre pin, PTFE (Teflon) insulation
  • Meets the requirements of SMPTE 424M
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