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How do I convert AWG in to Metric or CSARead Answer
How do I know what Van Damme True 75 Ohm HD BNC connectors my HD cable needs, and what crimp tooling is requiredRead Answer
How do I know what Van Damme BNC connectors fit Van Damme analogue & SDI coaxial cables, and what crimp tooling is requiredRead Answer
Will my NL2 speakon connector mate with an NL4 speakon connectorRead Answer
An NL2 cable mount will mate with a NL4 panel mount, but a cable mount NL4 will not mate with an NL2 panel mount, if in doubt wire your systems NL4
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Why can't I have a drum mounted HD coaxial assembly chassis mounted BNC socket to BNC end like I have with my analogue videoRead Answer
The HD signal dictates that nothing in the signal flow can be soldered and for this reason there would have to be enough depth in the SP or SK drum hub to allow a chassis mounted back to back socket to be used. There isn't!...
VDC is currently developing a 'standoff' solution for the drums that will allow this to happen
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How can I work out how much cable will fit on the Van Damme and VDC Cable ReelsRead Answer
Do you have a general RoHS 2 (2011/65/EU) compliance statementRead Answer
Do you have a general REACH (EC1907/2006) compliance statementRead Answer
I want to recycle used batteries purchased from VDC - what do I doRead Answer
In accordance with the Waste Batteries and Accumulators Regulations 2009 we have a free battery recycling point in the reception area at VDC House. Alternatively click here to locate your nearest battery recycling point
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How long will my manufactured items take to makeRead Answer
This is dependent on many different factors – mainly what the manufactured item actually is. VDC works to a wiring schedule and on any given day we will complete 46 hours of work and 265 single leads. The hours relate to splitter leads and multicore systems and the single leads relate to…well…single leads (mic leads and the such)
The wiring schedule can be very seasonal so in the build-up to festival time you can find that it is full for a week or more.
It's a very simple first come first served system. VDC will always strive to have things completed for you as soon as possible and when you are told a date for delivery this will not change
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Why don't you have multicore looms and other systems "off the shelf"Read Answer
Looms and multicore systems are very specific to the individual customer. One man's send is another man's return and all that!
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Can you do installations tooRead Answer
VDC does not supply install engineers but we have a very close relationship with one or two companies that will take care of it for you. So from the initial tech advice, to the design, to the supply, and then this, VDC will see you right. A representative from the VDC Tech team will often visit site in this instance as well
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What are the multicore colour codesRead Answer
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