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VDC Hits the Back of Net at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

18th May 2018
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Herpreet Singh

Export Sales Manager
Years stadium project build
JBL Control Contractor speakers wired with VDC-supplied cables
stadium sqm that VDC's Van Damme cable covers
VDC were heavily involved in supplying thousands of kms of various Van Damme cables to the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in White Hart Lane, North London. The new state of the art, 62,000 capacity stadium cost £1 Billion and is widely considered to be one of the best sporting arenas in the world.

VDC was approached once the main sound partner was announced as Harman Audio. The Harman Professional audio solution chosen included 156 JBL VLA-C2100 loudspeakers, 54 JBL VLA-C125 subwoofers, 140 Crown DriveCore Install amplifiers, and more than 3,500 JBL Control Contractor speakers installed across the facility. Audio is mixed on a Soundcraft Vi2000 digital console and monitored via JBL LSR 305 reference monitors. The audio solution required needed to be powerful in order to befit such a powerful speaker system. 

Van Damme’s own Classic Quad Mic cable was chosen, as well as both 4x4mm and 4x2.5mm Ecoflex LSZH speaker that met all the necessary strict fire and safety building criteria for the stadium. Testers were thrilled with the Van Damme’s low profile but powerful finish. The cable comes with a lifetime warranty, ensuring that the cable would be functional for years to come as well as providing the best possible sound quality with their ultra-pure oxygen free copper construction and triple shielding protection. 

The stadium is designed to deliver one of the best matchday atmospheres in the world, with uninterrupted sightlines and spectators closer to the pitch than at any comparable ground in the UK. The stands are made as steep as UK guidelines recommend, creating a tighter, more compact stadium bowl which focusses towards the southern ‘home end’, where 17,500 Spurs fans join together to generate a deafening ‘wall of sound’ in what is the largest single-tier stand in the UK. 

It was here that the Van Damme Smart Control Signal and DC Power cable came in pole position to power the 196 JBL AWC82 all-weather loudspeakers dotted around the stands, that ensure a smooth, crisp and crystal clear sound that could echo across the loudest of matchdays. The cable is both signal as well as DC power in one convenient jacket, ensuring a powerful performance in a compact jacket. 

Amongst the other chosen cables, Van Damme Tourlight Multimode fibre was selected for its robustness, especially for a Fibre cable which are notoriously fragile, as well as miles of 6 Way HS-SDI video coax. Both cables can be found at home powering the venue’s radically innovative Intelligent Wayfinding System which powers its variable digital signage. 

The vast array of digital OLED screens which form the signage, allow spectators to navigate to their seats and can be programmed to display anything needed within seconds, thanks to the Van Damme video and fibre cables. However, these drop-down signs serve a secondary purpose, concealing miles and miles of electrical cabling making for an elegant and almost futuristically simplistic finish. 

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium also pioneers a ground-breaking new stadium design concept, creating a bespoke environment for association football and American football with purpose-built facilities tailored to meet the specific requirements of each sport. 

As such, the stadium possesses a revolutionary new retractable pitch system, which sees the natural turf pitch split into three sections, each weighing more than 3,000 tonnes. 
Van Damme Tourcat 6A was chosen to become part of the control systems that ensure the pitches can be changed over smoothly. The Van Damme Tourcat proved ideal – proving both extremely tough yet flexible. Fluke DTX1800 tested for Category 6A channel performance up to 60 metres, and Category 5E 1000BaseT to 75 metre, it was the perfect control solution. 

The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium has been designed with technology within the fabric of the building enabling a truly connected experience for all visitors. Since its completion, the development supports around 3,500 jobs with £293m pumped into the local economy each year. No doubt that it has created a major sports and entertainment landmark for visitors, the wider community, London and the UK and VDC has been proud to have played a part in making such a historic venue a reality.

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